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Project Description
This project is intended to be an OpenSource remake of one of the best multiplayer realtime strategy games in the world, "The Settlers 3" (Die Siedler 3), with support for all major platforms and mobile devices released under Affero GPL 3.


See the game in action

If you go to the recommended download, you will find a package named "Video", showing a few minutes of in-game feeling.




Milestone 1 (around April)
  • Animations for buildings and producing like stone cutting, grain planting etc.
  • Resource layers for stones, wood and mines
  • Grading and building for all houses
  • All important UI menus
  • Geologists, agents, soldiers

Milestone 2 (around summer 2011, finally S3 like)
  • ships and water wars
  • Territory expansion and hidden terrain
  • Server and lobby for chatting and support for multiplayer games
  • Priest spells, catapults, destroyable buildings
  • S3 like soldier control and fighting
  • Website with ranking lists, etc.
  • Important improvements in all areas
  • MapEditor
  • Keymapper for all available actions

Beta (around October 2011)
  • Bug fixing and performance improvements and anything else that seems in need of a fix. By now we should also have a concrete timeframe for replacing all Ubisoft media content!
  • Distributed server system allowing other people to provide their servers hosting games.
  • iPad and Android Tablet version
  • Better performance on low-end hardware

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